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Wood or Metal?

A wooden greenhouse are more traditional and professional gardeners knowing what they’re doing. Being made of Canadian Western Red Cedar, they’re known for having a great lifetime and quality.  The rot resistance compared to other woods is enormous. Until around 10-15 years ago, these wooden greenhouses been the standard while within the most recent years, greenhouses built with aluminium or plastic are becoming more and more popular.

Compared to aluminium or plastic greenhouses, a wooden greenhouse blends better into your garden and looks more elegant.  Despite the design fact, wooden greenhouses are known to keep a constant temperature much better than alumiun greenhouses as those get cold as well as hot very fast.

When winter arrives, you need to add a proactive coat to the frames. Make sure to inspect the frame in detail and fix every treat right away. Most wooden greenhouses have a pretty long warranty time but checking regularly yourself you can save a lot of trouble that comes along with wears and tears spreading on the wood.

While the wooden greenhouses are the traditional choice, if you’re tight on budget, aluminium greenhouses are more affordable. If you’re not into greenhouse gardening as a fulltime hobby, they will probably suit your needs better. However, there’s one major downside. Compared to wood, aluminium requires extra care to keep it as clean as possible consistently to avoid pests and disease inside your greenhouse.  Comparing the value for money factor of both products, my vote goes to aluminium.

When setting up the aluminium greenhouse, you should double check a couple of factors. A place with some protection against bad weather conditions would be perfect since aluminium is not as solid as the wooden greenhouse. With that being said, keep in mind to combine a place offering a bit of protection with a place that still offers enough light during the course of a day for your plants.

So to make the decision which material is the best for your greenhouse is a bit tricky. If you want a more elegant, robust solution, wood is perfect. However, if you’re looking for a more hassle-free solution and aren’t willing to spend that much time in your greenhouse, aluminium should be better. And don’t forget that aluminium greenhouses are usually easier to upgrade with equipment and additional tools as most manufacturers offer pre-built kits for equipment as well.

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